Thursday, July 17, 2008

Severe Dementia - Epitaph of Plassey (2007)

1) Entombment of the Traitor
2) Credence of Fort William
3) The Bengal Regiment
4) Howls of Murshibad
5) Strangled by Treason and Forgery

Severe Dementia is a brutal/tech death metal band that adds a touch of melody and atmosphere to their music. The Epitaph of Plassey EP recollects the Battle of Plassey, a British victory over India which essentially set up the British Empire in India. Although they do not have much material yet, Epitaph of Plassey proves that Severe Dementia is one of the best Asian metal bands today. I highly recommend this to fans of Behemoth, middle era Death, and B to D era Morbid Angel. This EP was featured on the Rise of the Eastern Blood split album, which also featured Demonic Resurrection, a death/black/power/thrash band from India and Dusk, a death metal band from Pakistan.

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