Saturday, July 5, 2008

Aborted - Strychnine.213 (2008)

Track Listing:
01. Carrion
02. Ophiolatry
03. I35
04. Pestiferous Subterfuge
05. The Chyme Congeries
06. A Murmer in Decrepit Wits
07. Enterrement of an Idol
08. Hereditary Band
09. Avarice of Vilification
10. The Obfuscate

Gimme Gimme Gimme

(Belgium) Death Metal/Deathcore

I'll be honest. Aborted's new album Strychnine.213 is pretty decent, but it's nowhere near as good as an album like The Archaic Abattoir. In fact, this album almost seems like a direct continuation of their previous effort, Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture. I know these guys are trying their damnedest to stop being compared to Carcass, but they can do it in a much better way than taking the deathcore route. Still, it's not a bad album and definitely worth a listen.

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Anonymous said...

I definitely agree...
As belgian and much deathmetalhead, i know Aborted from its first step. The shoking thnig about them is that the guitar players influence the ting much more than anyone else... Clear it sounds exactly like "Slaughter..." ... Same guitarists u'll say.Or at least Seb. Personnally the best Aborted period remains goremaggedon/archiac abattoir, black marked by the hand of Bart particularly with his carcass-typed riffs and solos... For sure aborted has never better and louder than at that period... Pls come back to us dudes!! but for this, keep first a united line up