Monday, July 14, 2008

Gojira - The Link (2003)

Track list :

1. Link, The
2. Death of Me
3. Connected
4. Remembrance
5. Torii
6. Indians
7. Embrace the World
8. Inward Momement
9. Over the Flows
10. Wisdom Comes
11. Dawn

Very groovy, heavy and moody. These French metalheads pull off an overall sound that's kind of hard to classify. This album is without a doubt their best to date. Gojira play a sort of progressive death metal that makes you feel like you're being stepped on by a giant, or punched in the face by hellboy. Very atmospheric, industrial, doomy, yet technical at times. The musiciaship is great. This is not music with solos or other instrumental noodling but rather a team effort with lots of groovy rythms and precise playing between the musicians. This band works like a machine. I would strongly recommend The Link Alive DVD, i got it a few days ago and i've been watching it everyday since.

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