Saturday, July 5, 2008

Emancer - Twilight and Randomness (2008)

1) Randomness
2) Dice Man
3) The Beast Attacks
4) The Pointing Finger
5) Comfort Fix
6) Twilight
7) Cunning Vital Guardian
8) Moron
9) The Rewarding Schemes
10) Winged Omniscience

Emancer plays their own brand of progressive/melodic black metal on Twilight and Randomness. The ambient intro track ("Randomness") is pretty normal. However, as soon as "Randomness" finishes, it fades right into "Dice Man," which is filled with melodic riffing, synth, and interludes with clean vocals. Emancer's fifth album also boasts of clean production. Although this description almost makes them seem to be the opposite of traditional black metal, Emancer manages to be as dark, brutal and raw as the rest of their genre.

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