Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gortuary - Manic Thoughts Through Perverse Mutilation (2008)

1.Mutilation By Double Penetration
2.Skull Fragments
3.Hereditary Retardation
4.Pedophilic Manipulation
5.Pool of Excrement
6.Transgender Dismember
7.Splatter Fecal Matter
8.Meat Grinder Homicide
9.Wake Up Murder

Prepare for Mutilation

(USA) Brutal Death Metal

With a little over a year of experience together as a band, Gortuary’s ability to eviscerate like a rusty chainsaw to the bowels is only matched (and exceeded) by their technical prowess. This California crew of five slam from downtuned riffs that surge with sludgy appeal to mind altering technical savagery. Thick crunchy bass rhythms permeate the air as drummer Josh’s aggressive and manic drum abuse cements the tone for guitarists Glen and Andre.

Both guitarists throw down crushing riffs at breakneck speeds with brutal results. Sludgy tones and an overwhelming flood of noise are accompanied by intestine twisting leads and hooks. Lead growler Oscar sounds as though he was nursed on battery acid as a pup. His deep guttural growls and gurgles pile drive home the band’s putrid and perversely vile lyrics all to the tune of slamming brutal death metal

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