Friday, July 25, 2008

Coffins/XXX Maniak - The Cracks of Doom Split (2008)

XXX Maniak
1) Raping A Minor Of The White Race
2) Sweet Relief In The Mausoleum
3) Raped By A Retard
4) Picking Up A Random Goregrind CD And Acting Out The Cover With The Girl Next Door
5) Worthless Hole
6) Skeleton Inside Her
7) Sandbox Sniffer
8) Aroused By The Rape Trial
9) Stabilize Her
10) Sludge Taster (Piercing The Pipes)
11) Smoking Sumerian Debris
12) Magician In The Bathrobe
13) Hot Nazi Sluts Have Steaming Guts
14) Bludgeoned By A Human Body
15) Perpetually Exploding Uterus
16) Born Again Slut
17) Snorting Her Fumes
18) Grinded To Nothing
19) Balls Vs. Hatchet
20) Mouth You Don't Have To Feed


21) Cracks Of Doom
22) Ebony Tears


(U.S.A./Japan) Brutal Death Metal

The Cracks Of Doom” places one of the best death metal bands in the world, the mighty Coffins, alongside hard-hitting porn grind upstarts XXX Maniak, whose sick and oozing-from-every-invaded-orifice brand of extreme death/grind must be heard to be appreciated.

The two songs from Coffins, including a blinding Cathedral cover, are worth the price of admission alone. Seriously, these guys can do no wrong and every single, album, EP and split they put their names to should be hunted down. Strangely, their pair of laid-back, smoking tunes - paying worthy homage to some of the best death metal of the 80's - last longer than all 20 of the XXX crews’ blasts put together. As for the Maniaks: in the best tradition of extreme death/grind, we get high-speed short, sharp shocks, churned out with incredible spontaneous intensity, complemented by a shitload of appropriate and often hilarious samples, which add extra charm to the steaming pile of political incorrectness.

Seriously, if you are not familiar with Coffins, get yourself educated on them because they are amazing!

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