Thursday, July 3, 2008

Amaseffer - Slaves For Life (2008)

1) Sorrow
2) Slaves For Life
3) Birth of Deliverance
4) Midian
5) Zipporah
6) Burning Bush
7) The Wooden Staff
8) Return to Egypt
9) Ten Plagues
10) Land of the Dead

Amaseffer's debut album is the first part in a trilogy of albums that tells the story of the Book of Exodus. However, don't let the biblical themes fool you into thinking that Amaseffer is just another mediocre Christian band. Amaseffer plays progressive metal with folk-ish and Middle Eastern influences. They can almost be described as a cross between Dream Theater and Orphaned Land.

Mats Leven of Therion performs lead vocals on Slaves For Life and Kobi Farhi of Orphaned Land does Middle Eastern style vocals. Also featured on the album are Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy and Israeli solo artists Maya Avraham and Yotam Avni.

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