Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sodom - Persecution Mania (1987)

Track Listings :

1.Nuclear Winter05:23
3.Iron Fist (Motörhead Cover)02:43
4.Persecution Mania03:39
5.Enchanted Land03:59
6.Procession to Golgatha02:01
7.Christ Passion06:11
Total playing time36:02

Let's get this straight, Persecution Mania is a thrash classic and one that if any avowed thrash fan doesn't already own should run to the nearest nuclear shelter. It's that good, not your typical one-dimensional, A to B thrash album. Frank Godsdzik is to thank for the guitar work, and Angelripper remains the most important part of Sodom's sound and image, they would sound totally different with another singer/bassist, regardless of their line-up changes. Enjoy.
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Chris said...

Total classic for sure. Frankie "Blackfire"'s guitar work is amazing. I think this album is even better than Agent Orange, just because it's a little more raw and brutal.