Thursday, April 23, 2009

Destruction - Cracked Brain (1990)

1.Cracked Brain03:36
4.Time Must End05:56
5.My Sharona (The Knack cover)03:10
6.Rippin' You Off Blind05:28
7.Die a Day Before You're Born04:20
8.No Need to Justify04:49
9.When Your Mind Was Free04:38
Total playing time39:01

Alright, so this is Destruction's least successful, most misunderstood album. Why? Simply because Schmier isn't featured on it (vocals and bass). The musicianship is still top notch though, Mike Sifringer firing up some killer riffs. Compositionally the songs are pretty straightfoward and work well in a package. This can easily stand next to some of the greatest thrash releases that year, including Rust In Peace. Don't be a douche and avoid this for the one reason everybody has been avoiding it, give this a listen I promise you a good headbanging 40 minutes.

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