Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Psoriasis - Lethal Treatment (2009)

Track Listings :
1.Carnivorous Intravenous03:15
2.I Breathe Sarin04:06
3.Draining Out05:33
4.Human Testing03:26
5.Great Order of Decline04:41
6.A Cannibal Inside03:39
7.Fisting Dick03:09
8.Furuncles and Boil03:13
9.Cranial Gangrene03:02
10.Let There Be Rot05:01
Total playing time39:11

This young French outfit finally put out their debut, which is beyond what your average brutal death/grindcore effort sounds like. It's moderately technical, but the riffs just keep on coming at you. No slow/fake brutal interludes, its all very thrashy. Imagine early Monstrosity or Decapitated with some fun grind attitude. This is an album for extrem metal lovers, do not get it if you dont like ferocious death metal.

Download : http://www.mediafire.com/?2mu2diireic

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