Friday, April 24, 2009

Father Befouled - Profano Ad Regnum [EP] (2008)

So, it's taken until now to get this piece of filth up on the blog; sorry it took so long but it simply didn't exist on the internet until recently. Anyways, to those who don't know Father Befouled, they are a blasphemous death metal band who take direct influence from Incantation and do a hell of a good job at it. Definitely one of the top death metal bands around these days, keeping right up there with Dead Congregation and the like (although I'd say FB are better). Obviously, get this EP immediately if you're any kind of death metal fan.

Track Listing:

1.Chapel of Sores {Mortuo de Ghoat}04:57
2.Reeking of Piss and Sadness04:59
3.Sacrificing Oblivion03:48
4.Tongues of Abyssous03:35
5.Aborting the Immaculate06:08
6.Maggots Await Their Wings {Instrumental}04:56
7.dolatry of Cursed Revelation (Live Rehearsal)04:56
8.Chapel of Sores (Live Rehearsal)04:52
Total playing time38:15

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