Thursday, April 23, 2009

Exodus - Tempo of The Damned (2004)

1.Scar Spangled Banner06:41
2.War is My Shepherd04:27
4.Shroud of Urine04:51
5.Forward March07:39
6.Culling the Herd06:07
7.Sealed With A Fist03:36
8.Throwing Down05:01
10.Tempo of the Damned04:21
Total playing time54:26

Tempo of the Damned was a great come back for Exodus. After the loss of Baloff, nobody was expecting anything from these bay area giants. But when I listened to this for the first twelve hundred times (and still counting) I could not skip one song. The riffs keep on coming at you, and to be fair Steve Souza did an outstanding job on the vocals, he went places he didn't go before on earlier albums. The solos are epic, listen especially to Forward March and you will hear why Exodus after this album is nothing like Exodus. Just like with Destruction's The Antichrist, to me this marked Exodus' peak. A great line-up and an amazing album.

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