Friday, April 24, 2009

Brutal Truth - Evolution Through Revolution (2009)

1) Sugardaddy
2) Turmoil
3) Daydreamer
4) On the Hunt
5) Fist in Mouth
6) Get a Therapist, Spare the World
7) War is Good
8) Evolution Through Revolution
9) Powder Burn
10) Attack Dog
11) Branded
12) Detached
13) Global Good Guy
14) Humpty Finance
15) Semi-Automatic Carnation
16) Itch
17) Afterworld
18) Lifer
19) Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs
20) Grind Fidelity

Every year a bunch of old-school bands who haven't been active in ages release their "comeback" album, which usually ends up not being so great *coughmetallicacough*. This time, we have Brutal Truth's first full-length album in 12 years. Fortunately, this album is far from being called a piece of crap. Evolution Through Revolution features the same fast, aggressive, politically-driven grindcore that made Brutal Truth famous in the 90s.

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