Thursday, April 23, 2009

Destruction - The Antichrist (2001)

Track Listings :

1.Days of Confusion00:49
2.Dictators of Cruelty04:23
3.Thrash 'til Death03:46
4.Nailed to the Cross04:31
5.Bullets from Hell05:07
6.Strangulated Pride03:27
7.Meet Your Destiny04:03
8.Creations of the Underworld03:54
9.Godfather of Slander04:09
10.Let Your Mind Rot04:15
11.The Heretic03:53
Total playing time42:28

Destruction is one of the three thrash giants from Germany, and quite honestly the meanest of all. But unlike a lot of big thrash bands, Destruction had a strong come back in 2000 with All Hell Breaks Loose after many years of silence and line-up changes. Schmier and Mike are back together and ready to bleed your ears with authentic, loud and well produced german thrash. After such a great come back, they released what became their best album to date. With the exception of some 80's material, this album sets the bar very high for all thrash bands. You can't sound any meaner, more aggressive or more evil than this!

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