Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Overkill - Horrorscope (1991)

3.Blood Money04:08
4.Thanx for Nothin'04:07
5.Bare Bones04:53
7.New Machine05:18
8.Frankenstein (Edgar Winter cover)03:29
9.Live Young, Die Free04:12
10.Nice Day... For a Funeral06:17

Total playing time

Overrated? No way, this remains one of the greatest thrash bands of all times, and this was their peak. Horrorscope isn't the lightning fast kind of thrash, the songs have a lot of different tempos and beats (especially towards the middle, tracks 5-8), the riffs just keep coming, and almost every song has a little part that screams "PLAY THAT AGAIN". And unlike a lot of other typical thrash metal vocalists, Blitz can actually sing, and it fits the music perfectly. The first time I listened to this I thought thrash couldn't get any better. Overkill put this out after 4 great full lengths, all of which should be part of everybody's thrash collection.


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