Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mistress of the Dead - I Know Her Face From The Tombstone (2009)

This is some exquisite funeral doom here; Mistress of the Dead is an obscure cult band who on this album play a mix of saddened funeral doom and ambient to produce one of the more intriguing and moving albums I've heard this year. There is also quite a variety of sound themes here, after the somber journey of the first track the second one takes you to a place darker than that described in Catacomb's music (no exaggeration, I was pleasantly surprised) for example. I would only recommend this album to seasoned funeral doom fans.

Track Listing:

1.I Know Her Face from the Tombstone16:51
2.Embracing Silent Death14:26
3.Only Ashes and Remembrance15:09
4.Tragical Smell of Grave Flowers ( weeping for Your death...)19:03
Total playing time01:05:29

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