Friday, May 8, 2009

Blut aus Nord - Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue with the Stars (2009)

This is a part of the "elite" black metal albums that have come out this year along with others like the new efforts from Peste Noir, Fen, and Drowning the Light. Blut aus Nord bring an interesting mix of progressiveness, hints of melody, and black metal to the table for a great listen.

1.Acceptance (Aske)01:30
2.Disciple's Libration (Lost in the Nine Worlds)09:07
3.The Cosmic Echoes of Non-Matter (Immaterial Voices of the Fathers)06:30
4.Translucent Body of Air (Sutta Anapanasati)02:24
5.The Formless Sphere (Beyond the Reason)07:54
6....the Meditant (Dialogue With the Stars)10:14
7.The Alcove of Angels (Vipassana)08:44
8.Antithesis of the Flesh (...and Then Arises a New Essence)09:28
Total playing time01:00:02

It has recently come to my attention that track 9 is corrupt, so here is a separate download of track 9 by itself, if it doesn't work then I have failed you all (or mediafire has).

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