Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blasphemophager - Nuclear Empire of Apocalypse (2008)

1) Intro / Dawn of Chaoscratic Tyrrany
2) Bringers of Extermination
3) Abyss of Lust, Chaos & Death
4) Curse of the Phosgene Fog
5) Devastating Radioactive Torments
6) Holocaust Summoning of Nuclear Storm
7) ...Of Atomic Orgies & Demoniac Elements
8) Demiurge of Thermonuclear Damnation
9) Teratogenesis of Doom
10) The Return of Bestial Vomit
11) Nuclear War Now!
12) Perverse Delight

Unsurprisingly, the Italians have given us another amazing extreme metal band. Raw, brutal, blackened death metal. Plus, the production isn't complete crap and isn't too polished. And did I mention the imagery is ridiculous?


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