Monday, August 18, 2008

Trigger the Bloodshed - Purgation (2008)

1) Inception
2) Merciless Ignorance

3) Laceration
4) Rebirth

5) The Defiled

6) Severed

7) Impregnable Miscreation

8) Hollow

9) Lovers

10) Mortuary Walls

11) Violent Elucidation

12) A Wretched Betrayal

13) Retribution

14) The Abortive Becoming
15) Domicile

16) Whited Sepulcher

17) A Perfect Casket

You gotta admit that Trigger the Bloodshed is an extremely generic deathcore band name. Plus, the band's image just
shouts deathcore. However, these guys are a million times better than that boring deathcore crap that's out there today. First of all, there isn't an overdose of breakdowns. Next, they're fucking brutal. And then there's the vocals. Deep vocals laced with grindcore-style vocals and none of that pig squealing bullshit. Trigger the Bloodshed also uses some ambiance in their tracks. Overall, this band is like a cross between Suffocation, Nile and Napalm Death. Here's the band's debut album Purgation.

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