Monday, August 11, 2008

Brainchoke - Introspective (2008)

2.Learn The Hard Way
3.Leave This Place
4.4th Time Lucky
5.Square One
6.Delusional Patriotism
7.Culture Shocked
8.Blue Blood
9.Upward Spiral
10.Spiritual Medication
11.Crystal Clear
12.Eerectile Projectile
13.The Brainless And The Blind
14.1st World Hypocrisy
15.Past Six Years

Total Running Time: 32:15

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(United Kingdom) Grindcore/Death

This album is an idiosyncratic blast of old school grindcore mixing the traditional sound of bands like Napalm Death and Nasum with some more unique elements including black metal-tinged sections, banjos, heavy metal solos and some good old fashioned toe-tapping melodies. In other words, it's good. Enjoy.

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