Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hour of Penance - The Vile Conception (2008)

1) Misconception
2) Liturgy of Deceivers
3) Hideously Conceived
4) Drowned in the Abyss of Ignorance
5) Absence of Truth
6) Slavery in a Deaf Decay
7) The Holy Betrayal
8) From Hate To Suffering
9) Conjuration Sworn
10) Hierarchy of the Fools

When it comes to extreme metal, Italians can never go wrong. Hour of Penance provides perfectly good evidence to prove this point. Unbelievably brutal and just as technical, the ten tracks on The Vile Conception are sure to make you headbang like a maniac. The only flaw in this album is the end of the last song...when it ends. Can you say "Best of 2008"?

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