Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sadistic Intent - Ancient Black Earth (2007)

Sadistic Intent is a death metal band from California that has been a staple of the underground since 1987. This is a compilation that contains the "Ancient Black Earth" EP (tracks 1 - 3), the "Resurrection" EP (tracks 6 - 11), and three covers (Slayer, Possessed, Celtic Frost). For fans of Possessed, Morbid Angel, The Chasm, Mortem, Pentacle, Venom, (early) Bathory, (early) Sepultura, Kreator, Sacrifice (can), Slaughter, etc. etc. If you like any of those bands, then Sadistic Intent is definitely right up your alley. Along with Mortem, The Chasm, Arghoslent, Necros Christos, and Pentacle, they have been one of the only death metal bands still around who have been able to recreate the sound and atmosphere of death metal in a unique way that is still heavily indebted to, and has not lost touch with, the true ancient spirit of the music.

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