Friday, October 3, 2008

Bleeding Through - Declaration (2008)

1) Finnis Fatalis Spei
2) Declaration
3) Orange County Blonde and Blue
4) Germany
5) There Was A Flood
6) French Inquisition
7) Reborn From Isolation
8) Death Anxiety
9) The Loving Memory of England
10) Beneath the Grey
11) Sellers Market
12) Sister Charlatan

Tonight we dine in Hell!

What's this? Metalcore? Maybe you want to read the group description again...Anyway, as most regulars in the group would know, Bleeding Through is a huge guilty pleasure of mine. Call me a n00b, but I was hopefully waiting for this album ever since I heard the news earlier this year. Fortunately, Bleeding Through did not disappoint. Declaration is heavier, darker, and more atmospheric than the band's previous two albums. And if that's not enough, "Finnis Fatalis Spei" contains a sample from 300.

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