Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Ocean - Heliocentric (2010)

The Ocean takes a whole new musical direction on Heliocentric. This new album is much more diverse than the previous three albums. Heliocentric ranges from soft songs featuring piano to heavy sludge tracks. Although fluXion and the second disc of Precambrian have been described as atmospheric and symphonic, both are still rather abrasive and come nowhere close to the level that Heliocentric is on. The lyrics of this album revolve around a debate between science and religion, from the perspective of science. A follow-up album, Anthropocentric, which takes the religious point of view will be released later this year.

1) Shamayim
2) Firmament
3) The First Commandment of the Luminaries
4) Ptolemy Was Wrong
5) Metaphysics of the Hangman
6) Catharsis of a Heretic
7) Swallowed by the Earth
8) Epiphany
9) The Origin of Species
10) The Origin of God


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