Saturday, April 10, 2010

Aspid (Rus) - Krovoyziliyanie / Extravasation (1992)

Track Listing:

1. Intro 02:29
2. On Prishel (Aspid) / [It Came (Aspid)] 07:32
3. K Celi Odnoiy / [Towards One Goal] 05:53
4. Daiy Mne (Pesa Dila Baleta) / [Give Me (Play for a Ballet)] 08:27
5. Eiy Ty / [Hey, You] 04:15
6. Tam Gde Noch / [Where the Night] 06:11
7. Komatoznoe Sostoianie / [Comatose State] 05:05
8. Krovoizliianie / [Extravasation] 07:07

Total playing time 46:59

An excellent prog/tech-thrash album by this very underrated Russian band. This is their only full length and honestly this is all anybody should need to listen to anyway. What they achieved on this is very hard to reach no matter how many prog-thrash albums you know or can think of. For fans of Coroner, Believer, Watchtower, Artillery, Mekong Delta and the recent Vektor, but this one goes beyond all of the above somehow.

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