Saturday, April 10, 2010

Die - Rise of the Rotten (2010)

Yeah, I know what you're thinking (hell I thought it too when I checked these guys out), a Brutal Death Metal band (according to Metal Archives, which I don't agree with) with some ugly beast enjoying his feast of fresh human leg... it's gonna be lame. Well, guess what, it's NOT! Chunky riff goodness in intricate patterns (sounding like Immolation morphed into Suffocation) combined with an awesome, booming production make this album a winner for 2010 Death Metal.

Track Listing:

2.Soul Scavenger05:13
3.Soil Became Flesh04:36
4.Dead Flesh Makeover03:56
5.Dread Lord03:42
6.Mors et Sanguis03:42
7.Rise of the Rotten04:15
9.Gore Monger03:37

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