Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Incantation - Blaphemous Cremation EP (2008)

Ohhhhhh, here it comes. Incantation have apparently dug up something rotten that has been long lost to the darkness this time. Blasphemous Cremation contains a recording of six "rough" tracks off of Onward To Golgotha. So let's talk about production and style on these tracks because many of you are probably thinking "eh, I already have Onward To Golgotha so I'm gonna skip this one" well, think again because Incantation have slowed things down a notch and the production has a grumbling/booming bassy feel to it combining to give a listening experience that (in my opinion) goes a step beyond what Onward had to offer. This EP has had such an effect on me that I feel it can sum up what death metal in its' entirety has to offer; it's just a perfect example of death metal at its' finest.


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