Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor (2005)

Track Listing :

2.Final Product04:22
3.My Acid Words05:42
4.Bittersweet Feast05:01
5.Sentient 606:58
6.Medicated Nation04:02
7.The Holocaust of Thought01:27
8.Sell My Heart for Stones05:18
9.The Psalm of Lydia04:17
10.A Future Uncertain06:08
11.This Godless Endeavor08:56
Total playing time57:16

This is without a doubt Nevermore's best entry to date. With this the band scored what could easily be one of the best albums of the decade. Blistering guitars, heavy drums and epic vocals and lyrics. Progressive/melodic music doesn't get any better than this. The title track alone is probably as epic as metal can ever get.

Nevermore - Dreaming Neon Black (1999)

2.Beyond Within05:12
3.The Death of Passion04:11
4.I am the Dog04:13
5.Dreaming Neon Black06:26
7.The Fault of the Flesh04:54
8.The Lotus Eaters04:26
9.Poison Godmachine04:34
10.All Play Dead04:58
12.No More Will05:46
Total playing time01:06:05

This album is rated their best on metal-archives, and somehow sounds the heaviest of all. Or maybe it's just because it's the only album that makes my speakers make fart sounds, that's how heavy it is. An excellent listen, especially for those not familiar with this band.

Nevermore - The Politics Of Ecstacy (1996)

Track Listing :

1.The Seven Tongues of God05:59
2.This Sacrament05:10
3.Next in Line05:34
5.The Politics of Ecstasy07:57
7.The Tiananmen Man05:25
10.The Learning09:43
Total playing time01:02:24

Their second full length remains to this day one of their best records, and to think this came out 14 years ago...I honestly can't think of that many bands that played at this level at the time. This will kick your ass!

Nevermore - Enemies Of Reality (2003)

Track Listing :

1.Enemies of Reality05:11
3.Never Purify04:04
4.Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday04:35
5.I, Voyager05:49
6.Create the Infinite03:39
7.Who Decides04:15
9.Seed Awakening04:31
Total playing time40:53

The greatness continues, with their 2003 album this band finally started getting recognized. This was one of their main launchers before they got on gigantour, and again Jeff Loomis and Warrel Dane make us realize that no other duo can pull this off and still be such a great american metal act.