Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor (2005)

Track Listing :

2.Final Product04:22
3.My Acid Words05:42
4.Bittersweet Feast05:01
5.Sentient 606:58
6.Medicated Nation04:02
7.The Holocaust of Thought01:27
8.Sell My Heart for Stones05:18
9.The Psalm of Lydia04:17
10.A Future Uncertain06:08
11.This Godless Endeavor08:56
Total playing time57:16

This is without a doubt Nevermore's best entry to date. With this the band scored what could easily be one of the best albums of the decade. Blistering guitars, heavy drums and epic vocals and lyrics. Progressive/melodic music doesn't get any better than this. The title track alone is probably as epic as metal can ever get.