Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big Business - Here Come The Waterworks (2007)

1.Just As The Day was Drowning04:13
2.Hands Up02:59
4.Grounds For Divorce05:30
5.Another Fourth of July...Ruined04:30
6.Start Your Digging04:05
7.I'll Give you Something To Cry About09:09
8.Another Beautiful Day in the Pacific Northwest07:10
Total playing time40:43

This band redefined sludge and stoner metal for me. This is an instant classic that will grab you by the nuts and won't let go until you hear the constant trippy bass line in that last track then will make you play it over and over. These are the bassist and drummer that joined The Melvins, but don't be mistaken, Big Business have been around before they joined the other band and I personally prefer them to The Melvins. You might find out why, only if you listen.


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