Sunday, August 9, 2009

Be'lakor - Stone's Reach (2009)

1) Venator
2) From Scythe to Sceptre
3) Outlive the Hand
4) Sun's Delusion
5) Held in Hollows
6) Husks
7) Aspect
8) Countless Skies

There haven't been too many great melodeath releases in the past couple of years. However, Be'lakor's Stone's Reach is among the few recent melodeath albums that won't (or at least shouldn't) be forgotten. Instead of going for the usual Children of Bodom, In Flames or Arsis styles, Be'lakor plays something similar to Opeth's Blackwater Park and the legendary Heartwork and Slaughter of the Soul. The only complaint I have about this album is the average song length, which is hardly a problem and is canceled out by the band's mastery of the genre.

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