Saturday, June 6, 2009

Glorior Belli - Meet Us At The Southern Sign (2009)

1) Once in a Blood Red Moon
2) The Forbidden Words

3) Swamp That Shame

4) There is But One Light

5) My True Essence
6) In Every Grief-Stricken Blues
7) Nox Illuminatio Mea

8) The Blazing Darkness (Of Luciferian Skies)
9) Fivefold Thought
10) Fires of the Sitra Ahra
11) Meet Us at the Southern Sign

There's so many ways to describe Glorior Belli's new album. Raw, sludgy, evil, brutal, French, etc. Either way, here's one of the best black metal albums released this year.

Download (Mediafire)

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