Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Theory In Practice - The Third Eye Function (1997)

Track Listing :

1. Submissive 04:07
2. The Third Eye Function 04:32
3. Astral Eyes 04:36
4. Self Alteration 04:25
5. Worlds within Worlds (The Ethereal Withdrawal) 04:30
6. The Expiring Utopia 05:17
7. Theoretical Conviction 02:54
8. Void of Origin 00:56
9. Inexplicable Nature 06:16

Total playing time 37:33

Imagine an Atheist version of a Swedish progressive death metal band. Pretty technical riffs and badass vocals. Most songs break down into some very cool acoustic parts that make you realize how well the album was produced for the time. This is without a doubt my favorite album by this awesome underrated band. This is for all prog/tech death metal fans.

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