Friday, January 9, 2009

Daemon - Eye For An Eye (2002)

Track listings :

1. Intro (Leaving On A Jet Plane) 00:54
2. Gone Forever 02:57
3. Crucifixion 03:40
4. Disconnect 03:52
5. Eternal Bliss 04:35
6. Truth Be Known 04:55
7. Kingdom Of Fools 03:21
8. The Beating 02:42
9. Cursed 05:06
10. The Trial 04:54
11. Tailgunner 03:38

Total playing time 40:40

Daemon are one of the better death/thrash bands from Europe and probably the best underground metal band from Denmark, yet somehow very underrated.
This album starts off with a very amateurish intro, but what follows is like a kick in the face. Extremely energetic, thrashy death metal. If you don't believe it, think Gene Hoglan. That's right, the fat guy is on this. And the guitarwork is ace too, prime riffs and blistering solos. The vocals are like a mix between growls and shouts. The songs arent all like a kick in the face but most of them make me wanna thank Anders Lundemark for this album. It definitely stands out in my metal collection. I recommend this to any metalhead.

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