Sunday, November 1, 2009

Saviours - Accelerated Living (2009)

Track List :

1.Acid Hand05:41
2.We Roam04:44
4.Livin' In The Void07:39
5.Burnin' Cross05:45
6.Slave To The Hex03:41
7.The Rope Of Carnal Knowledge04:05
8.Apocalypse World Split05:48
9.Eternal High07:10
Total playing time49:53

This is the third album from this amazing, underrated California heavy metal band. These guys remind me of the great Iron Maiden, with a little punk/Municipal Waste, and a little doom/Black Sabbath in the mix. Their two previous albums are awesomely solid, but this sets the bar even higher for this genre. Metal like this is very rare nowadays.

part 1 :
part 2 :

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Anonymous said...

I love Saviours and this release somehow slipped under my radar. Thanks for putting this up there.