Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bloody Panda - Summon [2009]

Bloody Panda... never had heard of them and had it not been for sake of lucky curiosity I would have never checked them out. After all, it's a pretty dumb name for such an incredible band. "Summon" is some kind of a monumental release, capturing everything that great doom metal should: crushing atmosphere and epic booming riffs. Yep, this is an album that you can really DOOM to, with influences ranging from the hypnotic aesthetics and drone of Sunn O))), to the epic use of organs found in Skepticism, to the intense tormenting atmosphere of Moss. I expect this band to be a big name in extreme doom very soon.

Track Listing:
3.Saccades I03:46
4.Saccades II13:26
Total playing time01:07:39

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